I would like to take this opportunity to know a little of my background. I’ve lived a very full life and have experienced much.  What you don’t see between the jobs are the things that it takes to raise a boy, now a young man of 23 in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Minot, ND and a daughter (25), living in TN, in a Christian home as a single Dad, in this day and age of techno gizmos!

Being born at an early age, I realized that I was in a part of a musical family when my Dad would sing “TAPS” to us boys in order to get us up for school in the mornings. I come from a home of boys; 4 - Bill, John, Bob and Steve. Dad has his heart set on creating the “Berlyn Family Dixieland band.” As a matter of fact, being that we were raised in Rhinelander, he already had a name: “The Rhinelander Dixielanders”. He made up a logo and shirts and day when I was 14, we came to be. He had us play outside the store, my dad owned, (where I began teaching beginners at age 14), The Berlyn Music Center, for calling people in after parades; Labor Day, 4th of July and Memorial Day. So I played trumpet, Dad was a pianist/singer, Bob played Clar./sax, John tried to play trombone… even though he hated it and Steve played the spoons (he was too young so Dad’s friend, Mr. Sweringen played drums).

Today, Black Lake - Medford, WI, the “up-North 200” was our original playground for hunting camps, playground for 4-wheeling, day-hiking, fishing, swimming, get togethers for family camping and birthdays eventually turning into what is now an annual family reunion over Labor Day. Through the years, this was THE place to take the kids to go see “Gramma and Grampa” in the is the update.

Bill lives in Richfield, divorced twice, raised 2 awesome kids involved in a relationship with Nancy W., runs his L.L.C. teaching... Continue Reading



The West Bend Community Band awards music scholarships to 7th grade band students from West Bend area schools. The scholarships are awarded to students for attendance at a summer music camp of the applicant's choosing. Scholarship applications are available from the school band director.


The West Bend Community Band rehearses Thursdays from 7-8:30 PM in the Badger Middle School band room. Rehearsals are held February through August.  Please check our Schedule for more details.



The group performs a variety of music – marches, show tunes, patriotic songs, and much more. To quote John Searle from a 1984 news article, a band should be: “A fun thing… not too cumbersome, but rather pleasant. Bands are joyful. Keeping the Irregulars that way, means limiting the number of performances, staying in this area, and not making a work project out of the band.”  The band has stayed strong, keeping with that philosophy.


John Searle and director David Schleif held an organizational meeting in December of 1983.  The first rehearsal was held in the spring of 1984, followed by the first concert at Old Settler’s Park on June 28th.  The band's first parade was on July 4th of that year. In the early years the band got on its feet financially with the assistance of area businesses and a charitable trust and became self-supporting through its performances.


The band is a non-profit organization of volunteer musicians aged 18 to over 80, with varied backgrounds in music. The current director is William Berlyn. There are no auditions or mandatory attendance, and musicians are always welcome to join. The band performs concerts and marches in parades throughout the southeastern Wisconsin area.

River City Irregulars